Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Christmas Prayer for Our Children

Delight. Innocence. Tenderness. Hope.


for children,
innocent as Bethlehem's babe,
anticipating discovery,
larger worlds waiting.
Once, too,
our infant selves,
untouched by Life,
held promise and potential.

Fulfill your Word, Lord.
Bring in the lion with the lamb.
Keep our children safe from battle.
And since by virtue of humanity
they'll, in due time, grow,
give them clear minds and large hearts.
Let them love without prejudice
and labour without resentment.
May they carry into age,
the unspoiled dreams of youth,
and stand before You at the last,
complete and unashamed.

Humour. Spencer

Mastery. Pleasure. Strength.



Deb said...

Oh that's beautiful. What fortunate children to have a Grandmother who loves them so and lifts them in prayer.

Mark D said...

They are ADORABLE!!!

magoo77 said...

They are all special in every way! Love the prayer and words of hope!
Nana holds a very important place in each of their lives! We all do!
Thank you for all that you do spiritually and physically.

Luv, S

bobbie said...

beautiful connie, they are blessed (and you are too) indeed!

Fred said...

Oh, my - they're sooo cute! Have a great holiday.