Sunday, April 23, 2006



Dear Friends,

Some of you have written to ask where I am and how I am doing.  Well, I’m right here, ‘not’ writing away.  The book I am ‘not’ writing is being published in time for October distribution.  It will be available online and from other sources.   I have always been a stubborn soul, somewhat oppositional.  Just tell me I can’t do something and I will.  When I told myself I wasn’t writing a book, it started writing itself.

I have an engagement to do a Christmas monologue for a concert in a major Toronto venue at Christmas time.  I want my book available in the foyer.  This is my last big chance…and since I have blown any number of opportunities in the past, and since I am not likely to pass this way again…I’m going for it.  Whatever energies I have are being invested in this project.

I am sorry to have missed out on so much which you have written over the last month or so…and I have to keep missing out until this work is done.  I think of you often and keep your faces and selves in my prayers.  Blogging has been a major impetus for me to get back to what I have always wanted to do.

Now, I am going to tell myself that I will not lose weight before the Christmas concert, nor will I lose weight in order to look thin in my book picture.  I absolutely am resolved not to diet and exercise for any reason whatsoever, especially for reasons of pride.  

I’ll connect again in early June.  Looking forward to reading backwards through your blogs….which is a little like I am writing this book…all chapters at once…back and forth, upside down and sideways.