Friday, January 22, 2010

Tout Bagay!

Dear Friends,

The novel which I am serializing on Hubpages has found its way mysteriously to my old blog at Dawsonwood, which is something that I would have done intentionally if had I had been moe computer savy.

The posts on this site are so much easier to follow...however...I carry on with Hubpages because I have notified a lot of people to look for the installments there.

Please note dear American friends...the character Jonathan George, M.D. PhD is more sympathetic than he first appears in the opening chapters of this novel. Indeed, there are some fascinating secrets about him which are revealed as characters become less stereotypical and more human. Indeed, that is the whole point of the book.

We have narrow ideas of one another and make snap judgments...or judgments based on far too little information. The characters in this book are moving towards acceptance of self and acceptance of other and the deep understanding that we are all one.

I have been aware that many novels today are colourless. Race is often just written out and physical descriptions are scanty. And, in a novel where race is not a major theme, this is appropriate. However, in this novel race is important because it is one of the keys to the understanding of the personalities and the essential humaness of all the characters. And then there is the wonderful notion of 'creole-ness' as well.

I am interested in editorial feedback from any of my readers since this version of the novel (version six counting the first five versions which were written at the novel marathon weekend) will not be the last. I would like to find a publisher for this book and to do a much, much better job of this than I did on the Dawsonwood Diaries. Please send me editorial input. Don't bother correcting my spelling...someone will do that...and its Canadian english spelling in the main anyway because Marcel Robinson is a Canadian of Haitian descent.

Thank you,