Sunday, January 09, 2005

Where I am in place and time

Between a door and a clock Posted by Hello

I stand between a clock and a door. Fittingly, I think.
The clock is the last of the many my father made. Solid cherry and a thing of beauty. I recognize that I have become a woman of a certain age and am surprisingly happy about this. My father attained his most valued personal achievements after fifty. So, the clock is hopeful. While it reads twenty past eleven, for all we know, this could be twenty past eleven in the morning! There is still time for me to live. And I have a strong sense that I get to choose whether it is morning or evening, whether my life is at its prime or its end.
And then there is the door, the painting I bought because I loved it. There it hangs, like an invitation. To open doors. To push on doors. To walk through and explore behind doors. To command doors to open. To bang on doors. I am here. To shout with Jacob, "I will not let you go until you bless me."
How fortunate I have been already in life, and yet, I dare to ask for more. I do not stand between a rock and a hard place, but between a clock and a door. Opportunities knocking, tick tocking.


Queenie said...

That is a fabulous picture.
My Grandfather used to build tings from wood. Beatiful, too.


daisymarie said...

there is definitely time to knock on a few doors! it's a great image. i was especially touched by the way you alluded to the accomplishment of achieving age...a thing to take joy in for sure.

steph said...

Oh YES Connie! Yes, dance through that door and share with us the beauty of your heart! It is still morning and there is much of life to be lived!
This is a glorious post. Dance on beautiful woman.

Anonymous said...

Somehow bumped into your blog and have spent the last few minutes reading your beautiful words! Keep asking for more!!!

bobbie said...

yay - to see your smiling face! hurray!

i love the metaphor - a clock and a door - there's a story in there somewhere! :)

miss you!

Captainwow said...

A beautiful Post, Connie. What wonderful thoughts and imagery. Fitting, indeed.
I stopped by in response to your comment on my blog... thank you for saying howdy. My other Aquarius friend is nicknamed Stinky and you can get to know her just a tiny bit on if you'd like. We've been friends since 2nd grade. (thus the bead blowing reference) :o)

Deb said...

How wonderful to see your beautiful, smiling face Connie! I'm praying for you as you stand between the clock and the door.

magoo77 said...

Wow! What a woman of beauty both inside and out!!
True from the heart... I hope you feel that the second part of life fills you with happiness and joy! So much to be proud of - life's accomplishments so far and the wonderful memories in future to make! You have the drive to make it happen lady!! To finding many more doors and clocks...Luv S