Saturday, February 19, 2005

Hagia Sophia

Return now to the subject of Sophia, the Spirit of Wisdom, because it is not far from the longing for liturgy which I have been clumsily attempting to address for the last two posts. I'm making this a short post because Thomas Merton has written a poem entitled Hagia Sophia which links his vision of Sophia both with the active work of God in creation and with the Holy Spirit and with Jesus. He does all of this within the framework of the traditional hours of prayer; lauds to compline. If you believe as I believe, that our worship is rooted not so much in knowing as in mystery, then Merton's poem is for you. If you believe, as I believe, that there is a feminine face to God, then this poem is for you.

Click on title above to take you to Thomas Merton's poem Hagia Sophia


friend said...

male and female he created them in his image,

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