Sunday, June 12, 2005



The more firewalls I get, the more persistent and perverted the spyware becomes. My blog has been targeted somehow. Is nothing sacred???? Don't know if reading this will corrupt you. I suspect not, since I am avoiding the words which seem to have attracted notice. Two of them appeared in my masthead. Had to edit at the cost of language clarity and symmetry.

But...seems I can't use simple words like l-ve, fr--ndship, g-mble or even less common words like enigm-tic. Pop-ups having to do with l-ve, fr--ndship arrive with inexhaustible regularity. You can imagine how perverse those are. My blog about G-mling at Home Depot...innocent in and of itself seems to have attracted the most lurid, cheap and sensational on-line c-sino -ds. I have no idea what comes up because of the word enigm-tic. I've started to delete blogs and that seems less than satisfactory. I feel like a member of the underground trying to keep clear of the Naz-s. Don't want to spell in full for fear of inviting white s-premic-sts. Which obliquely suggests to me that the word enigm-tic is targeted because of know, the famous WW11 decoding device. My blogs are certainly going to look like cod- if this goes on much longer.

It seems our combined household computer knowledge is insufficient to the g-rgantuan task of keeping our computer clean. The last tr-p to the pro shop deleted Bloggerbot, something I value. I know. I know.

I am too left brained for this task. Left, closest to the H-art...non-linear, divergent. People get this wrong all the time. They think left and right brain equals left and right politics. Wrong. See what I mean? How can a person like me really exist in the twenty-first century?

Anything underlined in this blog will instantly connect you to something neither of us asked for. Go directly to j-il. Don't cl-ck. Don't pass go. Do not collect two h-ndred d-llars.

I'm going to have to go back to pen and -nk.

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bobbie said...

hey connie, i've got 3 really good, free programs you can download and run regularly and it will sweep all of that junk off your computer.

it really has nothing to do with what you type, it's just junk. i blogged on this back last july, here's the post:

if it keeps giving you problems after you install and run those let me know.