Sunday, November 13, 2005

Antidote to Anxiety

One of the antidotes to anxiety is a thankful heart. Tonight I am reminding myself of the things I am grateful for.


I am thankful for a roof over my head,
and not just any roof but a solid, newer, softly spreading roof,
with broad eaves.

I am thankful for a tolerant, understanding, forgiving and kind husband.

I am thankful for answers to prayers:
  1. Robbie's health and his continued growth and development; his constant urge to stand up and push with his legs and try to walk; his ability to shake off this cold without a visit to the doctor's.
  2. Spencer's silly antics, loving heart and fast feet. For his energy, his friendliness and tender feelings. For his passions for mechanical things, his boyish playfulness.
  3. Rachael's voice, her growing ability to communicate the subtleties of her feelings, her observations of the universe (when seeing the moon behind fast moving clouds..."Oh, look the moon is flying home.")
  4. Sobriety in my family, hard won and stalwartly maintained against all odds.

I am thankful for:

Humour. For the ability to laugh out loud when my cell phone set off a thrum in the organ...even played a note all by itself, before it rang in church this morning! Wrong number.

A place to write this

People who read it.

The passage of time which heals all wounds.

Being understood.

Enough money for now. Enough money to give to others.

The joy of words.


God's love experienced in peace and in turmoil.

New handles to replace the one's Rob constantly fixed with crazy glue on the old Toyota. A detailed cleaning on the same motley vehicle. It looks like new.

A kiss.

Being treasured and appreciated by a loved one.

Seeing my mother enjoy my grandchildren at play.

Robbie pretending to be a frog and laughing. Rachael being a friendly tiger. Spencer talking to me basso profundo on the phone. "Love you."

Good sons-in-law. Dylan helping Rob take the paddle boat out before the river freezes over. Jeff helping me with my cell phone ignorance.

Daughters who are good mothers.

Roses in November.

A good book at bedtime.


Clock chimes.

The end of a day.

For all these blessings and those not named here, I am grateful. My cup runs over and I can face the future with less anxiety knowing that I am so richly provided for in this day.



daisymarie said...

this gave me pause and be thankful, too.
and isn't that what it's all about!!!!
blessings and hugs.

Barbara said...

This has brought me hope in the midst of dispair. I pray that you may feel more understood and appreciated. I hope you find faith and humour often, even when it's hard to find.
You are a treasure to anyone who knows you, and a truly remarkable woman.

Sue said...

Anxiety is a horrible thing and any break in it is welcome, especially in the form of a list of sure and certain things. Think of you often Connie....

wilsonian said...


He is unbelievably generous, isn't He :)

curious servant said...

Great post.

I teach my children that when they don't know what to pray, they should pray about the things they are thankful for.

I know the LORD wants to hear my concerns, but I feel a special blessing when I spend my prayer time in gratitude.

magoo77 said...

Being able to look beyond the anxiousness of a day, week or weekend and reflect on all there is to be thankful for is a great accomplishment. Not a manic move... but a normal and well thought process. This is the difference I see and hear in you! It makes me so happy to read all the wonderful and crazy things that make you so thankful! I think all of us need to look at the simple things in life and not focus so much on the major issues!
This will keep our spirits whole and youthfull longer!
Luv S

Cindy said...

"Ahhhhhh!" That was my spirit's reaction to this post. And now I've one more thing to add to my own gratitude list--bloggers like you who are living reminders of the really important things.

Thank you, Connie.

Deb said...

And God, thank you for Connie.


Cheryl said...

Dearest Connie
You are a gift to everyone who has room in their heart for love. Your expression is so evocative. When I read what you write, I am right there, and I feel the presence of God's love and joy. You are truly a child of the light and I love you.
Love, Cheryl

Jan said...

Thank you for the gratitude reminder. I need to make my own list today.