Tuesday, January 18, 2005

But Joy

I could have named this post "tenacity"
or "endurance."
I could have named it "patience."
I could have given this post just about any Quaker
virtue and it would fit.

But Joy.
Joy comes in the morning.

Robert Edward shot into the world weighing a mere 5 pounds and looking
rather fierce. "Would someone give me a decent meal?" he asked, waving arms and legs and bleating in indignation. "I've been hanging on in there for nine months with only half a placenta. Now that I've shown what stuff I'm made of, give me a couple of good sound names and some calories."

An anxious start to life, but we have grateful hearts. Barb, Dylan, and Robbie are doing well but sister Rachael insists her brother's name is Clifford.

Bless God


Anonymous said...

HURRAH! Is there any day so sweet as that when a babe of our heart opens eyes and demanding lungs into this world?

My Charles insisted that Joshua's name was Tessa - but Clifford? It's a great name! Joy to you and yours. Anj

sarah said...

Wonderful news.....congratulations to you and your family, and blessings on baby Robert.

Lisa said...

Clifford like Clifford the dog? That bit made me laugh right out loud!

What great news. Sounds like that little Robbie and his mommy are both made of tough stuff. Blessings to all of you!

Connie said...

Yes, Lisa, it is Clifford the dog. We were all quite surprised when Rachael named her Christmas doll Clifford, but even more surpised when she insisted her new baby brother was Clifford. On the other hand, on the way home after she first meeting him, she broke into a spontaneous song of "Baby Robbie" to the tune of Clementine. It was very sweet.

Deb said...

Congratulations to all!!