Friday, April 29, 2005

I.T. & Identity

Okay, so I have been living in sin for thirty-seven years. Reading the form letter, it appeared to me that whoever has been researching our case was researching the years 1945 - 1949. This would mean that the bride and groom in question were married either before conception or some where from birth to two years of age. The Ministry involved has been sent a sharp letter from Rob. When he recorded that I own not a single piece of official paper in my birth name, except for my birth certificate, I felt a little sad.

That led me to consider how, if we had been married just a few short years later, I would have kept my birth name. In 1967 it wasn't done. I ponder whether it would be worth my going back to my liltingly musical, so called 'maiden' name. Or would this add further to my identity issues? But then, if we are not registered as being married, are all my documents in a false name? Am I still Connie Ballantine and do I really have the option of remaining so?

The really scarey thing is that the United States government seems to have more information about us than our own government!!!!! In crossing the border 18 months ago, my husband was questioned about his place of birth, his High School and Universities, professions and so on. The AMERICAN BORDER GUARDS appeared to have this information in their computers, at their finger tips. WHY DOES THE CANADIAN GOVERNMENT HAVE SUCH A DIFFICULTY WITH I.T.?

Anyway, I am attempting to gain confidence by improving my computer and blogger skills. I'm blogging family pictures for those who know me well. I have to do this over and over in order to get the skill down. And Deb Sawyer has given me info to help me with my Links section. So I'll be fiddling around with these tasks. This should distract me from the fact that my identity seems foggy.


steph said...

Isn't it amazing how essential our identity it - all pieces of it. And when any one is hidden or removed it seriously threatens our wellbeing!
Hope you find all the documentation soon.

Queenie said...

I wait while the Canadian government searches for my identity.
I have so far survived six of the eight months they told me it would take.
I wonder what I will do once I have a name again.


A Heart of Worship said...

Wow! Your blog really blew my socks off! I hope the government comes forth with your documentation soon.

It is amazing how 'their' records hold the burden of proof, isn't it? (No matter which country's government it is!)

I was hoping to visit Canada this summer, but I dunno......