Thursday, February 23, 2006

The Show Is On

Do you painters out there ever get the desire just to scribble...or to splodge gobs of paints and mess it about with your hands? Kind of a release, isn't it? A sort of silent howl. Every once in a while, I just have to do this.

I don't know why I decided to publish this rant on Canadian politics. Politics are not what I am about here. Sometimes, I just can't stand to edit a word. Maybe that's it. Even though I know that editing is half of the job of writing...more than half, if truth be told. I'm leaving this rant up for a while because the cbc decided to print a letter by someone who felt that increased military spending would make a safer Canada. And I worked so hard to get all these metaphors just right!!! He he.

Okay, Canada has a new government. How long ago did Thatcher star at Downing Street? Well, Canadians, in their wisdom have decided to stage their own version of "Conservatives on Parade," even though we have seen the play in more than one country, and know it to be overpriced, and less than entertaining.

They say the production will cost $5.3 billion. (Link to cbc online, click title)
Why $5.3 billion?
Why not $7.3?
Or $10.3?
Why $.3 added to a sum greater than imagination?

This number is a rabbit in a hat, dragged forth by the ears to give the illusion of precision. Of course, military expansion of the magnitude proposed by our new government will cost in excess of $5.3 billion dollars.

But the money is nothing.

Does a weary Canadian audience know this? We should. We have been told. There is an elephant waiting in the wings which will push the cost of this show overbudget. Can we afford this?

I project that closer military ties to a Republican America will cost us, minimally:

  • our role as trusted peacekeepers
  • our individual voice in the G7 and the United Nations
  • our remaining neutral air space
  • our right to form opinions and shape military policy which differs from those of our neighbours to the south
  • the lives of more Canadian soldiers

In my view, the price of this ticket is too high

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bobbie said...

woo hoo - preach it sister!