Monday, February 27, 2006

Thank You, Jesus

Bobbie, Georgia, Erin, Daisymarie, Barbara, Deb and Jennifer and silent others

You have been Christ to me,
anointed my head,
been daughters of consolation.

Clouds lifted with your prayers.

I felt you,
there in the room,
coaching me
to be fearless,
relax into story.

Did you know I would laugh a lot?

The women stayed with me,
even though I had material for three talks.
A series.
A women's retreat seminar.
Didn't cover half of it.

Jesus showed up.
And I was glad.


This is how I started, just so you'll know how it went:

Legacy of Love:
Lessons in Laughter, Longing and Letting Go

I had a car accident this week. Again. I’ve had four or more such accidents (not all in recent memory). All in horrific weather. All when I was distracted by too many demands. No one gets hurt in these accidents, mercifully. But I’m thinking about giving up my licence. It is just too much. This week’s incident plunged me into a little spiral of depression...that is a genetic legacy in my family. I’ve worked hard to fight against my genes. I take my medicine. I’ve been in therapy...all creditable therapists have been in therapy. But when something negative happens, the pull to sink down under adversity is strong. That is my genetic make-up.

Fortunately, I have an emotional and spiritual legacy from my family of origin. The legacy of laughter. My grandmother was a great laugher. And my father. And eventually, perhaps even as I talk to you tonight, I will see something funny in what happened this week.
Indeed, there was...something funny. When I got out of my car, the woman who hit me apologized. We fell into one another’s arms for mutual support and I kissed her, twice, saying everything was fine. This, dear friends, is part of the legacy of gender. Men would never do this!!!

And so on.


bobbie said...

to know that i was there with you gave me such a lift - i prayed and lit candles each day. and YES I KNEW YOU'D LAUGH! hurray!

i know those women were blessed because you were you connie - how could anyone not be!

can't wait to hear more!

daisymarie said...

Wonderfull! Purely.

Fred said...

Glad you're okay. Great outcome to this incident.

And, you're right, I would never do that.

Jennifer said...

I'm so glad I found your site! There is so much beauty here.

wilsonian said...

I am not surprised that things went well :)
You were annointed for that time and that place. Those women had been prepared by God to hear His words through you.


Mark D said... are speaking my language!


I agree with Fred - I'd never do that.

Glad you are okay.

I'd seriously consider not giving up your license. When my grandparents did it took away their sense of independence. Just something to think about.

God has not given you a spirit of fear, but of power, of love, and of sound mind.