Thursday, November 25, 2004


I had an accident this morning. Not much. Just a fender bender really. No one was hurt, which was a very good thing since I had a three year old in the backseat, strapped in, of course. It happened mid-turn...left. Another car decided at that moment to pass me. Soft crunch. Tinkle of glass. The other car curled sideways down the highway like a well placed rock.
My sweetie was saying, "There's Granma's house. There's where she lives." Then it happened.
Those thoughts you know. Oh God. Not an accident. Yes. Can't avoid it. Impact. Never mind screaming, it's all over. Replay. Replay. REPLAY.
Breath rising in -15C. Other driver claiming responsibility. Get the cars off the road. Get the child to safety.
Crunch of tires. Warmth in the senior's building. Telephone calls. Shaking. Wanting to cry. Not now. Kind words. Waiting.
In the back of the cruiser. Packed in. Never have my legs felt so long. A GOOD THING. My legs press into the front seat. How do tall people manage? My feet get trapped. I eye the bars on the sides. Locked in. We talk. Long pauses. Writing. Can't these guys have laptops connected right to the station? Pencil scratches slowly. Time passes. I think of sleeping.
Released. I can't extricate myself from the cruiser. My feet are stuck under the front seat...size 6 1/2. Really. I sort of fall out bum first, my legs and feet slithering after me. No charges. Hah. Not even for silliness. GOOD THING. Later I am 25% to blame as far as the insurance company is concerned. But no court. Thank God. No anxiety of waiting. No trying to remember in a year and a half what happened on an icy highway in November, 2004. No revising my memory to suit the circumstances.
But most of all. Our precious little one is unscathed. Not a whimper. Not a cry. Didn't even know what hit her. Entertained the seniors and her great-grandma like the little trouper she is. It could have been otherwise. Thank you God. Thank you. A sobering reality. A heartfelt Thanksgiving.


Lisa said...

Scary. Glad to hear you and the little one were safe.

bobbie said...

oh i am so relieved you are safe too connie! i love the replay of the tight spaces of the cruiser, that made me feel like i was joining you in there (and my long legs and size 11's would have never fit!) :)

miss you!

anj said...

Oh Connie, that feeling of 'what if' and post crash body weakness, you describe it so well. So glad noone was hurt, and that your precious granddaughter was a trooper, and was able to enjoy the visit to great-grandma. Beautiful.

steph said...

I am glad you are safe Connie. Your story was so funny in some ways and you are a master of creating humour in a crazy situation.
Sounds like it is cold there so it was great you were close to a place where you could keep warm. This little 3 year old allowed you to focus on her most as opposed to the incident.
Truly a thanksgiving aspect to the incident.

magoo77 said...

As they say... there is never a dull moment in life! For more than 27yrs I have enjoyed your creative and inspirational ways of describing life's challenges and adventures! Love your topics and look forward to reading many more. I'm so glad your getting so much pleasure out of your BLOG mommy! Luv S