Sunday, November 14, 2004

Home Again, Home Again Jiggetty Jig

All hell broke loose while I was away. My mother was hospitalized with unexplained bleeding. My son-in-law, suffering from an inflamed pericardial sac, joined her. It was my daughter, my brother and sister-in-law who ferried them in wheelchairs, dragging their respective intravenous poles, back and forth between rooms for little family cups of tea.
I felt quite redundant when I returned. However, the malevalent case of flu I contracted on holiday as my penance for having a holiday in the first place was adequate to assuage the guilt of "not having been here." They are both recovering, thank you very much, however, I am still suffering from surges of adrenaline which have no outlet except for vacuuming up fur balls, reading mounds of mail, doing laundry, uncovering dusty furniture and watering thirsty plants. This, of course, is a perfect chance to close the door on important activity and open it on crucial, vital, necessary and inescapable activity, such as writing.
This is my first blog...something which would never have happened if Lisa hadn't run ahead and created a site for me. Thank you. Truly. Once I get a feel for this space, it will be such fun. It's fun already. Imagine my surprise when several of you had "posted", if that the term applies, before I'd written a word!
I had thought my first entry would be elegant, full of deep wisdom and sonorous phrases. Instead, it's just about the eternal struggle to wrest meaning out of the common stuff of life. Tomorrow I will spend many hours doing things I'd rather not do in places I'd rather not be. Perhaps you will too, or perhaps you'll find youself briefly in divine space and time. To redeem my time, I shall try to find a pansy still blooming in the garden, or a rose, up close to the house. I shall watch November light play on bare branches and sparkle off the river. I am quite confident it will be enough.


bobbie said...

oh it is salve to my soul to read your words, they don't have to be hard fought for to be profound.

i'm glad your loved ones are healing and that you are as caught up in the 'don't want to do this stuff' as i am. i truly wish i could just have 48 hours alone to get my act back together and spend some time unpacking everything, but it is not to be.

i have a sick child and so two are home from church with me. it's actually been a nice little slice of 'extra time' that i didn't expect.

so can't wait to hear more! love and miss you!

Deb said...

Finding the divine in the ordinary. I love that. That's been on my heart the past few days too. I'm sorry you returned to sick loved ones. And, that you were feeling ill as well. I'm glad to hear everyone is recovering.

I wanted to tell you that Jeff and I returned to the drug store that Sue and Jen took us to the first day of our Path journey. We (Jeff and I) were there on Monday. As I walked through the store I prayed for you. I thanked God for bringing you into my life and I prayed he would bless you. That prayer continues today!

anj said...

Good on Lisa for helping create a safe space for you here. I am also trying to wrestle meaning out of the mundane. To see the Divine in the ordinary. Looking forward to more of your words, and more of you. Perhaps you are the flower today in my day-to-day. Thanks.

Lisa said...

Wow - what a great investment of 5 minutes that was on my part. I loved reading what you had to write, Connie, and I'll be checking back for more sips of this greatness.

I got that flu too and I'm 6 days in to the stomach ache. It really sucks.

Lisa said...

p.s. I LOVE your profile blurb. Oh yes, you have valuable stuff for the blogosphere!

Candy said...

Connie - I got here from bobbie's blog. I'm excited for you to have a space where you can write and create. I love what bobbie had to say about your hand. You must be a treasure. I can't wait to read more. Welcome!