Tuesday, November 16, 2004


I stumbled on grace in the garden last Sunday. My search was for pansies and roses, before the sun was fully up, before its warming rays could crack the frost and melt those few remaining petals. I found a yellow pansy, still intact, sheltered beneath its dying sisters, and a tiny red rose bud, no bigger than your pinkie nail, tucked up in the arbour. But the grace, that most surprising and undeserved of gifts, was a full stem of delphnium, as blue as the sky in July. I have seen jumping jacks in January, cornered between a rock and a hard place, their hardy faces smiling beneath a lacey melt of snow. But never, never, delphiniums in November. This is, after all, half way to the North Pole! Exactly, they tell me. We've already sunk to 10 below zero (Celsius, of course!) It was grace, Grace, GRACE. Personally, I need a lot of that these days.
Blessings, all, Connie


Deb said...

Me too Connie...I also need a lot of grace. We all do. I love your story of stumbling upon grace in the garden. I hope you stumble upon it in many locations today!

bobbie said...

i LOVE that you went looking for grace - that is a beautiful picture, and that you found it in the cold of a northern ontario november day, hurray! if it can be found there it can be found anywhere, right? :)

Lisa said...

You know what I love? That you're adept enough to tweak your blog template. You go, girl! I'm totally impressed. I'm going to come to you for tips.

I love your header description. I'm still rumbling around the phrase "bigger within than without".

Hope all is well in the cold parts of Canada!

steph said...

As I think about the flowers in November and entwine them with grace there comes another thread about the colours of grace. What an enchanting bouquet in a season where flowers disappear! Ah grace does surprise us indeed!