Tuesday, December 28, 2004


Pray gently.
Pray with intensity.

Dig deep.
Dig for resources.

Stand firm.
Stand for humanity.

Weep fiercely.
Weep with compassion.


steph said...

Connie these words make me think of what I have been pondering about being simple and elemental - that is what Jesus said. This is the paradox of the deep and the visible, the light and the dark, and the never forgetting that living is about dying and my world is nothing if not connected to the rest of the world and getting a glimpse of what GOd sees. That includes the pain I observe, I walk beside, or that I walk through.
Thank you Connie for this precious post.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful and so full. Thank you. Anj

Lisa said...

Hi Connie - Happy New Year. Can you please email me? I've lost your email and want to send you a link.

Deb said...

What wonderful thoughts Connie. Thank you...