Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Mornings are for Meditation

Wait and watch
as sunlight strengthens.
Winter fog like incense rises,
fades from white to palest blue,
disappears in morning skies.
Deep black pools form on the river,
lick the ice bridge from each side,
where yesterday
a feral cat
crossed safely to the other bank.

bright as teardrop winks.
Fear, loneliness,
and hurts past spent,
are warmed by Light
without, within.
heating at the core
weep silently,
give up their power,
dry by degrees.

Underneath the eager moles
dig tunnels for quick escape.
And beaver free to swim at leisure,
dive under ice.
Primrose and crocus
plump and swell.
Sap soars.

Here is God,
and here and here.
In person, sky, and river and ground,
God releases Life Unbound.


steph said...

Splendid Connie, absolutely beautiful. The line I will embrace is God releases Life Unbound.
Thank you for this gem I found in His brook of living water today.

friend said...

Plump and swell. I like it.

cheryl said...

Lovely words. I love to find God in nature. You must post some of your artwork :).