Thursday, March 03, 2005


To all my faithful blog readers and lurkers:
I am going on a retreat for a few days and then participating in a workshop, so I will not be here at my post (ha, ha). When I get back I hope to be filled with Inspiration. Bless you all on your journeys.


bobbie said...

bon voyage connie! have a wonderful time!

Lisa said...

Hope you were tickled by both new and old ideas and there was space during the retreat for whatever you needed.

I really am delighted that I got to meet you in person in November and follow along electronically. Rich blessings to you!

Scott B said...

Hi Connie,

Thought I would pop over to your blog for a change, I am always so busy with my own personal crises that I forget to go visiting. haha!

lots of love and wishes to you. I am sure someone of your calibre will get loads from a retreat. how could you not do so?

Have to say also the Beethoven post moved me because my lifelong relationship to music has been tied in to my sense of feeling that I can relate to Mozart in a way that would be impossible to explain. I am in no way of his quality or skill, I can barely read music but I can create it in my own original way and I can create feelings with it and can move people with it and have. my personality being brash and manic gives me to somehow see how he was in persona.
I could understand your post regards Beethoven and how the sense that our existence as cyclic beings somehow maybe connects us to people of such extreme talent that we can see, hear, taste them with us still, who have lived in the past and yet their touch on this earth has managed to echo into our own lives and families lives and give us some point of reference for something we too carry inside us.

I dont doubt I am connected through music to Mozart and in thyat regard feel a connection to him. I know it in fact, but I obviously resist dressing like him and announcing it at my gigs because that wouldnt make sense to people. its just nice to know on a personal level that for some reason, be it coincidence or some kind of connection I could never hope to understand, for some reason the music that is in my soul reaches out across time to a place it also has its home and roots. I would never try to imitate him but I love to savour that knowledge and know some flavour in music is gifted to me in that way.
its odd and yet it is somehow my true expression.

so thanks for that post because it voiced something I very rarely think about and once again am reminded to do so.

I seem to have managed to start talking about myself again whe I meant to simply describe something your post triggered in me. anyhoo.
take care.


Deb said...

I hope you your time is wonderful. I'm looking forward to reading more of your thoughts when you return to your post!