Saturday, January 14, 2006

Journey of the Heart

Some decisions we make on a whim. Some out of necessity. If we hadn't booked our tickets five months earlier, we would never have gone. Plenty of excuses to stay home. But this journey was both a whim and a necessity. Time away from work and crisis. Time for us. Time for relationship. Time for sharing the things we enjoy together. Moments of the Spirit. History. Discovery. Nature. The creative unknown.

Why San Diego? Heard it was a wonderful city. A hop from Vancouver. Best climate in North America. Great zoo. Not too big. Spanish-full. Close to Mexico.

It was...although not a hop from Vancouver...all the other things and more. Just the kind of place to relax and be together and count our blessings and laugh that we are getting old. Laugh at ourselves. Laugh, full stop.

Thank you, all of you who prayed for me over Christmas, and for my grandson Robbie during his recent surgery. We recover. God is Love. And Grace. And Goodness.

We are richer than we know.


Keith Turner said...

look at you techno woman - posting a collage of your pictures from SD! they are beautiful and i especially love the one of your shadows.

so glad you had a great trip and that robbie is recovering.

can't wait to hear more about it! miss you!

oh, and moncton is just a 'hop' from toronto for your next get-away!! :)

daisymarie said...

Ah, the sweetness of time away and time together. Balm for the heart and fodder for the future. And laughter...the music of the heart.

I'm thankful you were blessed so richly and pray that the blessings continue to unfold!

Mark D said...

Great pictures!! I have been there 2000 I think. I especially like the sunset pic and the one of the Del Coronado roof. Did you happen to go to La Hoya? I'm glad you got the chance to visit. I agree that the weather is absolutely incredible.

Jo Ann said...

Hi Connie. Very good to hear from you - great photos and, it sounds like a wonderful trip. Please take care of yourself now that you are back in what can be the pressure cooker of home and family needs. The fact that you posted your blog at 3:21 a.m. is not, to my thinking, a good sign... But then I've become an "early to bed, early to rise" kind of person over the years - part of my aging process.

Fred said...

San Diego is a terrific city. I hope you all had fun - the pictures look great!

annie said...

I'm so glad you were able to get away. I love your pictures, but my favorite is your shadow picture!

annie said...

...Oh, I don't know, I also like the one on the beach of your hubby (?) walking away, and the lacy archway over the door.

steph said...

Space to breath - and most of all to laugh. Connie how delightful to have this time, space, to recover, to find the pieces fitting again.

Deb said...

Sounds (and looks) like a wonderful trip. I love your pictures especially the shadow shot!

Can't wait to read more from your heart.

Liz said...

Sounds like you had a great time away Connie.

Amazing pictures! The shadow picture is my favorite one along with the one on the beach and the bridge! :) You have inspired me to get going on my wall collage.

Keep taking the time to laugh!

Connie said...

Liz, get going on that wall collage. And where is your picture? I thought you said you posted your picture? Friends, this is my friend Elizabeth who mapped herself in Bangladesh.