Thursday, November 18, 2004

Dawsonwood Cottage

I bought a picture of a door today. The door is solid and closed, but has that sort of invitation one finds in doors painted blue, or yellow or red. This one is blue, with a gothic shape, and large blue bricks at its apex, like a halo. It begged to be opened. Inside, I saw a place of rest and peace, a place of stimulation and challenge.

Divine paradox. The closed door invites change and movement, daring and venturing, the coming into a new place both physically and spiritually. That is where I find myself, beginning to shape the plans that will open the door on a new reality.

My house is taking a new name, Dawsonwood Cottage, and will open its door for retreat and revisioning in the new year.. It's the dream of decades...a heart cry, for own need speaking perhaps more than the needs of others. Yet I expect to entertain angels unawares.

I bought a picture of a door today...symbol of hospitality and opportunity. If in our Father's house there are many mansions, O God, let this cottage be one.


bobbie said...

oh connie, this is so exciting! i pray he helps you prepare it as i felt like he had gone before us to prepare linwood house. hurray! great and wonderful news. daring and adverturesome days are coming!

steph said...

Dawsonwood Cottage sounds healing and restoring. Oh it is exciting to see the door, your hand upon it, taking a deep breath and inhaling courage as you open this door, swing it wide and invite in those who seek flowers even though it is winter. The unexpected, the enchanting and the healing that will unfold.
Amazing Connie. WOW.

Deb said...

Dawsonwood Cottage...that sounds so lovely. How exciting Connie. I can't wait to hear more. Maybe I'll be able to visit you there some day.

anj said...

How beautiful Connie. A heart cry that is heard, and given expression too. I love the thought of your door, inviting and alluring and the treasures that are found inside. Sojourn welcomes Dawsonwood Cottage to the circle. Beautiful to think of Dawsonwood Cottage as one of the mansions in our Father's house. May it bring rest and revisioning to those whom our Father sends her way.